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Originally Posted by Tonia View Post
Morning! I have about 100 pounds to lose and am going to try clean eating before exploring surgery (don't want to have surgery, but running out of options). So...I have a couple of questions. On a clean eating diet is:

1. Protien powder ok? I don't eat much meat - I like turkey but I don't think I can eat it ALL of the time.
2. Artificial sweeteners...truvia?
3. Breads. I know it is discouraged but some sites say only whole grain...what exactly should I look for?

Thanks for your help!
Hi Tonia

I hope to put you off surgery. I know someone who has had it. She wasn't strictly obese enough to get it on medicare but she pressured her doctor. She is still dieting a year later. She has not really lost any weight over all. It may work for some people but does it work in the long term? How many people does it work for in the long term.

Also there are lots of difficulties with it. You are forced to eat small amounts. I think this would be really hard over the long term. Just don't do it. Find healthier and safer ways to lose weight and change your life.

1. protein powder. There is so much protein around in the world i don't know why people need to consume this. Food should taste good but its when it is overloaded with salt and sugar that we tend to go overboard. There are other ways like herbs and spices to make food really tasty. Oops i'm off topic sorry.

Protein - nuts and seeds on your salads. but avoid nibbling on them because its hard to stop. cook with them instead. They really jazz up a dish. Peanuts in rice. cashews in a veggie stew etc. Indians and middle eastern people do a lot with nuts.

Beans and lentils. Learn to cook indian and middle eastern and mediterranean. Mediterranean food is so utterly my favourite but indian bean dishes are not hard and are very tasty when served with rice.

Omelettes. boiled eggs in your salads. frittata.

Milk is high in protein. Cheese but its high fat so use fat in small quantities in your recipes to add flavour. A little bit of fetta crumbled over things, especially salads, goes a very long way.

2. artificial sweeteners. You can lose your sweet tooth at least temporarily. Just quit putting sugar in your drinks. Go cold turkey. Its not that hard. So long as you are drinking diet coke and things like that, i think you will always have your sweet tooth. I tried them for a while, and i got sick of them. Learn to live with less sugar in your diet. Avoid all desserts if you can't control your intake - i can't so i try to only eat them when i'm out with other people and if am offered them, when i'm dieting. i.e. in a controlled setting where i won't lose the plot.

In general i find it easier to keep temptation far away than to be in a state of constant temptation which is what you have to do if you have the stuff around and have to make yourself stick to small portions.

3. Bread. Discover quality bread. Avoid white bread that is sliced sandwich bread or cheap white loafs. Buy bread from a quality bakery. Try all different sorts of seeded and grained breads. Italian white bread is quite nutritious because ether use good strong flour, less refined. Also sourdough bread is a white bread that you can eat. These breads are more chewy and flavourful. Its not really bread that's bad but what you put on it. These other types of bread are much more satisfying. That's why are allowed. They are not digested so fast so you can keep going longer on them and they also provide a bit of protein and other nutritional elements. In the main go for quality and discover the world of good bread.
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