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Several points.

There are differences between Points and Points Plus. Points Plus gives a more accurate way of determining points. Basically it takes more calories to digest protein than it does carbs. So a food that has a lot of carbs will be more points plus than a food with a lot of protein since your body doesn't burn up as much calories in digesting the protein as the carbs.

Also - rightly or wrongly - WW sort of subtly encourages you to eat more protein since the formula - which is now based on carbs and protein as well as fat and fiber - disadvantages carbs as compared to protein. That said, WW also wants to encourage eating more healthy carbs such as fruit/vegetable so with points plus those are zero point foods.

Some people had problems the first year points plus came out because WW really gave some people - particularly those who weighed say 200 pounds or less too many points plus. I started out with 29 points when Points Plus came out when nowadays I would have started with 26 points plus. Some people for that reason found it hard to lose. Now, people start out with the lower points plus from the beginning so there isn't that issue.

The other reason some people had difficulty early on was that they went hog wild with fruit. They basically saw zero point as being "free" and like it had no calories. Some fruit is very low calorie. But other fruit (such as bananas) can really add a lot when eaten with abandon. Basically if you stick to 5 f/v servings a day that isn't likely to be a problem

I personally prefer points plus:

1. It is backed by more up to date science. I think that carbs and protein should be taken in to account in determining points plus, not just fat and fiber.

2. All the current products use PP. When you see a food in the grocery store with points on it, they mean points plus. WW materials use Points plus. So, it is easier to just use Points Plus.

All of that said - losing weight while eating healthy is the goal (I would hope). So if you can do that better using the points plan then I have no issue with that. I would suggest trying to current program first simply because it is easier to use the current program. But, in the end, it is what works best for the individual that really matters.
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