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We're shoveled out from our 10-inch snow of Sunday. A nephew came to help -- amazing how much snow a strong young man can move! Of course, he didn't leave it as clean as we would, so I assigned him the big jobs and just cleaned up after. For me, it was easier than a normal snow storm. He appreciated the applesauce bread pudding and cash. Everyone's happy.

I still struggled with the desire to overeat while snowed in yesterday, but it was better than the day before. Resisting one day made it easier to resist the next. That's good to know. Today was much easier, because I no longer felt snowed-in, even though we weren't done until nearly dark -- we had a plan to get shoveled out and apparently that was enough.

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LuLu01801: I like but I'm kind of biased since it's a Missouri-based company. I like best the things from seeds that I can sow directly in the garden -- my best luck is with chard, kale, and zinnias. I start tomatoes from seed indoors. Most of the rest I grow from plants.
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