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for me - I fixed a technical problem on my computer all by myself. I am totally confident in my ability to muck up my computer beyond all repair and rather nervous about touching things in case I can't remember what I did to make Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall so to say.

But now my video player is working again which means I can play my yoga, WATP, and Pilates CDs

Michelle - that lovely lady is Valerie Harper - age 73 with brain cancer. I find her to be very inspirational to me. She looks freakin' fantastic for her age and she is just so positive in dealing with her disease. So when I wimp about making excuses for anything, I think of her - she just keeps pushing through. I am going to ask her to be my inspiration this month.

That's good that you picked up some healthy things. Didn't realize D was catering - and space was a premium in the refrigerator at home. Do they have refrigerators at work or are they like ours were - graveyards for old abandoned leftovers that people forgot? I had a hardcase cooler - one that would fit about 2 sets of six packs. I would add ice from the ice machine at work each day - in a zip lock baggie so it was easier to transport and keep my water, yogurt and cool stuff in there. But it doesn't replace a refrigerator which would mean you'd have to do a couple of shopping trips which isn't practical either. And those small personal refrigerators can run upwards of $200 although if you keep one at the house, it might pay for itself after a while.

One good thing about where you live and one of the reasons we once thought of moving to SF was the very mid level moderate temperatures. No Santa Ana hot winds, no freezing cold. Just neat fog. Funny how people are all bundled up and you are walking around with a light jacket - that's how it was the first year we moved to Memphis. The only time I wore a winter coat was when I flew up to Chicago to go visit my Mom. Next year you will become more acclimated though.
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