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Originally Posted by Roo2 View Post
Hi everyone-
I have been on maintenance for quite a while....and lost my mind ...cause I thought I could keeping pushing the envelope more and more....until one day I turned around and realized I was totally out of control!

I have come to realize rebooting is soo hard ....and I go along fine for a while then I just have a slip and go BAT CRAP CRAZY!!!

I realize I am a Binger!!

Gotta Quit this or I will be right back where I started!!!
I was sick and had to be on Steroids for a while and was eating everything is site....which is No excuse ...but finding it hard to rein myself in!
Logical part says you have done this before ...... But the dark side keeps calling my name ...
I need to get back up on the horse....or pretty soon some one will be putting a saddle on my back.

Have had people at work tell me I have gained weight in the face,
One night one of my co workers remarked oh you look pretty in the face!!!! She had not seen me in awhile....another ask me are you still doing the diet??
I feel like people feel free to inquire about my weight...and I would just like to be left alone about ???unless I share something with you ???let it be!!
Have any of you had people snidely dig you about gaining weight when you never have mentioned it to them at all! how do you handle it.
Have always been a private person ...never brought it up to others when I was losing weight...and never discussed it with them when I was gaining....
Unless I want to broach the conversation can people just leave me alone!
I would so like to be invisible .... And be able to struggle with my issues without having people feel it is okay to ask me questions that make be feel almost like someone is seeing me unclothed!!!
Thanks for listening....and this was really hard. For me to post ....cuz I feel like I let people down
You haven't let anyone down but yourself. Although we may feel happy with you when you win and sad with you when you fail, you are the only person you're accountable to. (Unless you have a coach, then maybe them a little LOL) And I know how you feel. Most people at work don't mention any gain or loss. But I've only been here 6 months. however my mom and grandmother are very loose lipped with mentioning gain. They don't seem to notice loss at all until I hit 40 lbs my first time. But as soon as I started gaining, boy they noticed! I know they just worry about my health and have good intentions. I'm sorry that you work with such rotten types of people

Goal: Begin maintenance on Aug. 30th to learn how to maintain, then go back on Phase 1 next April and lose more.
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