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Hello fellow "Coaches":

back, lulu! You were missed and I thought of you often.

AZtricia . Glad you found this discussion group and online support. I enjoyed reading your Advantages. Yes, BDS is what is needed to stop sabotaging ourselves and start supporting ourselves through our thoughts then behavior. "Getting off the proverbial merry go round" is exactly what brought me to BDS.

losetoall: Congrats on the weight loss.

onebyone: Great Job on doing non-food activities which end result was great looking furniture and a 2 lbs weight loss. That is definitely fulfilling Day 41's "To Do List".

Thoughts and prayers go out to you for your MRI results.

bethfromdayton: thank you for sharing your struggles. I can guarantee you that this time next year you will be sharing with the group how "far" you come in this area. I believe 'self-knowledge' is empowering. Boy, sounds like you were preparing to feed a small army. I love leftovers and plan my future meals accordingly. I would have loved to have been the recipient of some of your "care packages". I know I would have made good use of them.

maryann: I too find that the best way to stay out of the kitchen and my hands out of food containers is to work on my "busy list". You are walking the walk. Thank you for sharing about the known allergens. It is also interesting that the first two are also "red flagged" for being GMOs and most altered food substances (corn and soy) in our "market basket". Also read: the cheaper the food, the more it has been damaged, altered and destroyed of most of the nutrients it started out with. Thank you for sharing.

moebug : Congrats on the decades of sobriety. To add my 2 cents worth in the ongoing conversation about what diet plan (maybe you have moved past this already, I don't know). I changed my food plans once since beginning using the BDS two years ago. I did this when I discovered that I was "pre-diabetic" but found that losing 40 lbs did not lower my FBG that much. I had to up my game and I have been following a restricted calorie and carb diabetes weight loss plan since last July.

My challenge at this point is to not eat more than 60 grams of carbs per meal. Last summer; I sat in on a diabetic online support group and realized that these are the folks who are really in the trenches daily because managing diabetes is all about monitoring food intake. I learned a massive amount from those people; many who had been doing it all their natural lives. I am grateful for last summer's lessons. I know they will serve well for many years to come.

nationalparker: I shouldn't say this but I did smile when you started saying "but I don't eat that much....". I have been there....and the t-shirt is worn out from know what I mean! Now, I measure everything that I eat (have for the past 2 years now) and I used a meal recently to "teach" my DH about his portions. He fills a favorite serving bowl with my homemade chicken noodle soup. I put the same amount of soup (pre-measured 1 cup) in a bowl. I told him: "You routinely eat 4x the amount as suggested serving." Just saying, with much love and concern for him. The difference between small, medium and large produce is another area that requires a keen eye of observation. I haven't got it down pat but I am "learning".

BBE: I was just sharing with DH about your "story" about the orange before bedtime. I think it is moments like this that define what the BDS is all about. We go from being "automatic" eaters to eating more consciously and mindfully: Day 5 in pink book. Thank you both bethfromdayton and ForMyGirls also for sharing your "a-ha" moments as well.

I just had one today myself. I always eat the whole portion of almost everything but when I reviewed that my Diabetes weight loss food plan template shows a lot of 1/2 serving portion sizes. I realized that I had "always" assumed when I was pre-measuring that I should follow the label's instructions and eat one serving size. Well, one serving size can (and sometimes is) "too much": calories, carbs, sodium, whatever, "pick your poison." So, today I pre-measured yet another food item into 1/2 serving size. I am beginning to like this "mini" size now. My refrigerator is getting a lot of smaller containers of food but "someday" those mini-sized leftovers will translate into a "mini-sized" ME! I do like THAT "cause and effect."

Love your stories of cold hands but warm heart for your Northern birds. I wonder if they know we are viewing them. There was a great movie I saw this past fall (can't remember the name) where there was an annual competition to see a specific amount of birds but they were all over the world and this was a race so the whole movie about these "birders" chasing down these rare sightings of these specific birds. It is definitely a good 'watch' to behold.

seadwater: I am fascinated by your telling about fermented foods. I have been a big fan of daily yogurt and I turn to yogurt before I ever reach for the Tums (which I almost never need or use). I will have to look up those books. Yes, it is believed that most food-borne illnesses do start in the gut so that it is where we need to go to first to "fix the problem". My MIL has C-DIF which took her doctors almost two years to diagnose. Tough call for an 86 year old woman but now that she is following a gluten-free food plan, she is much better. She nearly died from this.

I love the quote about the Personal Capital. I too have realized almost everything is limited (except love and forgiveness) and we need to use our resources wisely and thoughtfully.

CeeJay: Congrats on breaking the 290s. Keep up the good work!

vegan..rex: yes, a "clean slate". I have done a year end "review" for nearly 20 years plus now and this past year was no different. I love January now(used to hate it) because it is time to set the foundation for the year ahead. I hope yours (and everyone else here) is great!

gardenerjoy, lexxis and silverbirch: Hey y'all!

If I have missed anyone, I apologize. This group is expanding once again, which is good but it means learning new names, histories, etc. and that I am determined to do.

Credit: exercised every day since the beginning of this New Year. I had a routine that worked for me in 2013 so I dusted that off and I am back at it. Side benefit: I sleep more soundly. In fact, some nights I think I "died" but then I awake to the frigid air.

Credit: I really don't know if I should even mention this since this is an established habit of mine for nearly 2 1/2 years but I do log my food every day. I only miss it when I have the flu. However, since I am now getting extra credit for it in a former group that I rejoined I thought that I would mention it. Side benefit: when I discovered that diabetes was something in my life, I had already been logging my food so adding monitoring carbs was not 'that big of a deal' for me. It might have been otherwise if I hadn't.

Credit: Service. This is a "biggie" for me as a person of 18 1/2 years of 12 Steps recovery behind me. In fact, I am calling this the "Year of Service". I want to give back what has been given me. I am leading a weight loss challenge, mentoring a depressed, overweight woman as well as being a part of a core accountability group. I am spread all over the place. So far it is working. When it ceases to cause some ripples in my own efforts then I will have to re-evaluate at "what cost" it comes at. For now, A-OK. Side Benefit: I am gifting myself. The circle is unbroken...

Now, the toughie part of losing weight (for me anyway) is being patient to see that scales shows all of my efforts. : I know that I am doing my best but I so want to add a snow person on my "line up". Such tension. Such Drama! Silly, silly me!

Love, Pam

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