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Thanks Susie, I'm glad that worked. Looks like the only day you measure actual distance is Sunday. All other days you are just going for duration which I guess is building stamina to distance.

So far my vertigo is keeping at bay but not unlike DH after his ablation, I still get some twinges which I guess are normal and the PT said that will happen, but I just worry - oh oh - is it coming back? With the winter dryness and sinus and cold issues - kind of forget that the season brings it's own set of issues to deal with. That's really neat that the SparkPeople inventor is a home town boy! I tried that a while back and they have some really great information but like you, I feel I am getting settled into MyFitnessPal and I'll stay there for a bit.

Logging calories is not as bad as I thought although I do find that the measurements in the pre-existing foods database are a bit off. I entered a recipe for home made coleslaw today and had to diddle about to convert teaspoons to cup measurements. I probably should make totally new entries just to be more accurate with the calories off the labels but I'm already finding this logging takes a fair amount of time. It is good to log the food - I am mindful of what I am eating BEFORE I put it into my mouth and it's also easy to see what something that sounds easy could be rather sinful.

How are you doing with it Shad?

Michelle - you found me as I was about to add you from this morning's post so we are linked up now. Glad to hear that you are settling in an liking the new job. Can't beat the commute, that's for sure. Thank you for the clarification on triatholon vs marathon. For some reason my brain was frozen and I was thinking marathon was more than just walk/run/jog the length of the course. Sure glad I don't have to jump in a cold lake! The do have a Polar Bear jump in the lake here although I don't think it's at New Year's because I don't remember reading about it - although if they tried it this new years it would have been not only foolish but deadly. They have it on the shores of a lake backing up to a hotel and I'm sure afterwards everyone runs into the hotel's hot tub or pool to warm up I have a hard enough time dealing with the 2 seconds of cold water that comes out of the shower when I turn it on - no lake jumping or wading for this chilly chick. It's probably better (and cheaper) if you can bring your own lunch and breakfast. I would find they had too tempting of stuff in the cafeteria or I'd eat more than I should have if I got the breakfast special with eggs, toast and such.

Ooops - hit enter before I intended. Was just going to say that weight loss takes a whole lot more time and planning than just mindless eating

Anyway I have entered lunch and some recipes into MFP and now off to do some cleaning.
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