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The internet was out at work yesterday due to the cold. Think it was frozen along with some other things.

I sure wanted to stay home in the bed the past couple of days. And we didn't have the snow to contend with either. It was cold at 11 degree's or less with the wind chill.

I'd like to take a course in German. Guess it's because that's where my ancestors originated. I'm freezing here at 11 degrees I couldn't take -50 degrees.

Hunker down. play with lil man.

I would love to have a personal chef. You have chosen a good challenge. My problem is that I never follow through.


Since every one is posting their challenges here's mine. I'm riding the bike for 25 minutes per day. I don't have an excuse if I go to my uncles. They have the same bike as I do. Will do strength training 4 times per week and 20 wall/counter height push ups and 20 squats. AND don't eat heavy meals after work.
We're supposed to warm up today to 25 degrees but it's still cold. I dread going outside.
My co-worker has settled down for the time being. I think it shocked her that I pulled that.
My boss friend told me yesterday that our HR and Utility director made him sign a paper stating that he was leaving June 30 of this year. I think he's having mixed emotions about it now. But I have to hang in here till 2015. I told him that it they make it to rough on me I'll leave. When he leaves, and I'll be the only one with a class 4 water treatment and distribution license and I'm afraid of what this Utility director is going to expect. Since I'm not in management, I can't cover the whole city and much less I don't want to. My licenses will cover me. If worse comes to worse I'll call the Health Department director and talk to him personally. He already knows the situation. I don't want the responsibility nor the public relations that go along with this.
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