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Hi Everyone. I needed a break from work emails so here I am!

It is bitter cold today. Like Annie, I woke up to -10 this morning. Not sure what the wind chill was..but COLD!

I didn't work out today at lunch. Tuesday's I usually work out in the evening with my friend (its' our chance to catch up) but it's too cold for me to go back out to the YMCA tonight so I am going to do my walking DVD when I get home.

I am really giving some thought to that 1/2 Marathon in May. It would be amazing to just say I did it. I'm thinking if I get a cortozone shot in my knee about a week before and then ice it afterward I will be ok. As I am training I'm going to have to ice a lot. I will also do a lot of the training on the elliptical with maybe just one day "road work" where I'm actually on pavement or until it warms up the treadmill. I was talking to a girl at work who has done it before and that is what she recommended.

Happy: I'm going to try and attached the 1/2 marathon training schedule to this post. If it doesn't work, then pm me your email address or send it to me on MFP.
It sounds like you got a lot done at home yesterday. How goes it with the vertigo? Fingers crossed it is staying away.

Michelle: I'm SusieChaney on MFP. Sounds like the new job is going to be a good thing for you and I couldn't be happier for you!

Annie: I say forget the cleaning and just nap and watch movies. I hope this cold spell breaks for all of us soon. I hope your back gets to feeling better.

Laura: I have heard of Spark People and I know a lot of people who use it. It was thought up by a guy here in Cincinnati, which is kind of cool. I'm going to stick to MFP for now...I have everything in there and now I have friends from here with me...come on..join us! Your 30 challenge sounds good. Keep us updated on how it is going.

Hi Shad!

Ok..better get back to work.

See you all tomorrow
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