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Day 6: With Glucomannan

Weight loss: 3.4 lb

0 gone overnight again. Grrr. It has to shift soon. I am expecting a drop tomorrow (fingers crossed). I will be happy with a weight loss of 2 lb a week from week 2 onwards but the first week is usually pretty good so I was hoping for more than I've got, especially with the GM.

Calories: 1184
I did all the right things yesterday and my average calories since the start are 1301, which is fine.

I haven't had a growly tummy in the evenings at all since I started taking it but I had one this morning for some reason.

Exercise: 5.83 miles
Dog walking, bedroom C25K. Pedometer says 13,725 steps, best yet.

I did an experiment today. I took a dose of GM and put it in a small glass of water as I usually take it, but instead of drinking it, I left it for a few minutes. I thought it might turn into a sort of syrupy texture as quite often there is a lot stuck to the sides of the glass and I have to sort of scrape it off with my finger which is why I use a small liqueur glass instead of a water glass, so I can reach the bottom with my finger. I thought perhaps it might be easier to take. Well, when I came back to it, it was solid!! It had turned into a sort of gelatinous pudding, and it tasted NASTY, bland and icky. But if it does that in your stomach I can see how it makes you feel full. So I just threw it away and took the dose normally. Also, no tummy pain today, which is good.

superchick36 - I read somewhere that taking it in capsule form isn't advised as there have been cases where the capsule split open in the oesophagus and caused the GM to swell within the oesophagus instead of the stomach, causing blockages. I always take it with a small glass of water, then wash it down with a large glass.
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