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City still asked to stay indoors for the most part with the -25 wind chills - was -15 when I got up this morning and has been rising - should be above zero with the regular temp here soon.

Finished shoveling out again - the winds moved our snow back onto the driveway and sidewalks/walkways, so got in some activity with that and digging a neighbor out who got stuck in his driveway. Waiting for another to return home from a trip to try to help him dig out - but if I get started before they get back, it'll likely drift back in so quickly.

After sister lost five more pounds on ww, I talked to DH about being a bit envious/excited for her and wished that I would see more success... what did he see that we needed to do? He said get rid of the sweets were a big thing for him. OK, what do I need to "hide"? I'm good with keeping them away and putting something small in his lunch now and then. He also mentioned that we eat too much bread. I immediately got panicky/defensive. No, we don't! We eat a few slices and the rest goes out for the birds!! Okay, well, he added it's the pasta and pizza and potatoes. To be completely honest in this forum, my brain started racing - NO, we DON'T ... we just don't eat enough veggies and other stuff ... My kneejerk reaction to possibly having these foods cut back even MORE was apparent to me. I feel like we've cut way back on the portions of pasta/bread products. Now and then I'll whip up something with a simple carb as the base (cappellini al aglio e olio or baked potato soup) but it's in limited quantity and not daily or weekly. This has me thinking I need to include him more in the meal planning. I'll give that a try today and see where we end up.

So close ... now so far!
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