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I'm finally out from under this cold/flu thing. I am still a bit weak w/workouts, but I'm able to do my normal stuff w/o coughing up my lungs every 5 minutes.

I'm pretty bad about jumping on here when I'm at home. I am on computers all day, so when I get home, I'm done. So I haven't been on since Friday, I think. Work was closed yesterday due to freakishly cold temps. I think it's silly to do that, but I don't have kids and my car is new, so I decided to just shut up and enjoy the extra day off. My house stayed nice and warm, and the dogs and I enjoyed extra time watching TV and reading while the DH had to work. (He works at home.)

Weight loss seems stalled. Still sticking with it. It's possible I will need to change my plan, as this seems to happen to me after 2-3 weeks on a plan, even when I do not cheat. My system apparently does better with weight loss when confused.
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