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Thanks for all the greetings everyone!

Okay so I didn't go to the gym for stretching. I'm still getting hot/cold & coughing and wind chills were still in negative numbers and I just couldn't make myself do it. So instead I'm making the chili I didn't make yesterday and I'll do my foam roller stretching right here in the living room. (the sauna and steam room still sound nice but not the time outdoors)

I remained fairly low carb during my time off P1. The hardest time was during our trip, when I had more than my share of "fun" days, especially once I was away from a kitchen. I could feel immediate swelling in my hands/feet first and eventually some of my smallest pants started feeling snugger. Luckily it was only 12 days, with a plan to return to P1 immediately. I've learned that I need to be extremely diligent on trips and stick to my gluten-free rule because of how much better I feel.

I'm guessing my first week on P1 will get me back to where I was weight-wise.

You and I must share co-workers. What makes a whole group of folks act like this? There is usually one "ring leader". I know who ours is. She hasn't once mentioned my weight loss in a YEAR AND A HALF (jealous much?) but I bet she'd be the first to mention any gain!

djs06: I am not only a half & half in my coffee lover (had some while on my short time in maintenance) but I'd prefer heavy cream! As a consolation, I use a combo of some plain protein powder (Syntrax medical) mixed with vanilla as my coffee "creamer". The vanilla is too sweet on its own so I figured out a "hack".

Join the 100% thread. We'll keep you on track!
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