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Originally Posted by djs06 View Post
Welcome back, Roo. You're not letting anyone down… we are glad to have you back and know you can do it again!

I found my old spreadsheet with my stats from 2012- I am so impressed with my prior self, lol. Hopefully I can do it again! I restarted YET AGAIN yesterday- failed 2-week reboot in December- I got sick twice and then just said 'screw it' for the holidays.. really healthy, eh? Oh well.. only one way to go from here.. day 1 went off without a hitch and I feel fine- I had the nasty symptoms in December but not much this time so far!

I'm doing it 100% this time, which is something I've never done.

The roughest thing for me is still the no half and half in my coffee.. ha.. I will get used to it. Just like I got used to having 4 huge mugs of coffee with cream. :eyeroll:
Yes I know the feeling of being proud of your progress.
Now I look back on my past weight loss success and wonder why won't that girl comeback and help me get back on track.
I feel such a disconnect with that part of myself, like that was another person.
This time I feel like it is harder because there are more expectations .
I have a ton of clothes I need to fit back into .
Miss my clothes and have come to like sharing clothes with my Teenage daughter instead of my Hubby's sweaters or sweatshirts.
Yes , it may sound vain but size right now is the only thing that can possibly motivate me,
Someone who does not know me would look at me an see someone of normal weight but I know the truth that is concealed cleverly under my Midwestern winter attire.
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