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Welcome back, Roo. You're not letting anyone down… we are glad to have you back and know you can do it again!

I found my old spreadsheet with my stats from 2012- I am so impressed with my prior self, lol. Hopefully I can do it again! I restarted YET AGAIN yesterday- failed 2-week reboot in December- I got sick twice and then just said 'screw it' for the holidays.. really healthy, eh? Oh well.. only one way to go from here.. day 1 went off without a hitch and I feel fine- I had the nasty symptoms in December but not much this time so far!

I'm doing it 100% this time, which is something I've never done.

The roughest thing for me is still the no half and half in my coffee.. ha.. I will get used to it. Just like I got used to having 4 huge mugs of coffee with cream. :eyeroll:
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