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Morning all. Working from home again. Trains were not running on schedule yesterday, as I could tell from all the e-mail alerts that I received. The alerts are arriving in even greater volume today as well, so I easily decided to work at home again. The temps are still extremely low and this is not the weather to wait around for trains.

Annie - Horrible you had a power outage in this weather! I hope all is toasty at home today. Sorry your back is hurting you and you're not in the mood to clean - moving around would warm you up! Yeh, I'm going stir crazy too. I think I might be ready for some quick errands via car, but the thought of being in and out of the car, and waiting for the car to warm up each time isn't appealing. So maybe not.

Susie - You, Annie, Happy & I are all experiencing this cold, snowy weather! We only have a one-car garage too, but we only have one car, so it's not an issue for us. Sure glad to have it in this kind of weather!! Wow, a half marathon! Even walking it would be a big challenge. But the training would be a good way to get your exercise! Do you think you'll do it?? Personal chef - sounds really nice. Too bad she's moved on. But it sounds like you're your own personal chef now! Re your cruise - the only other cruise I've been on (w/ bf) was to the Eastern Carribean, so we also visited ports in St. Thomas, St. Maarten as well as Princess' private island in the Bahamas. Beautiful! I should look through my photos from that cruise - it might make me feel warm! Re My Fitness Pal - I have that app on my cell phone, and have used it in the past. Right now I tend to use SparkPeople's food tracker. I might have to give MFP a try again though, especially if I've got buddies on there keeping me accountable! Never watched those Bachelor shows.

Hellos to all the rest of the Worldlies!! Hope you're all keeping warm, keeping cool, keeping dry - whatever applies, as long as you're keeping safe!

Not much to report. Finally started on my 30-day squat and ab challenges last night. I'll do the squat challenge as per the schedule, but will be cutting out the situps from the ab challenge and focus only on the curls, leg raises and planks.

Other than that, just getting a bit of cabin fever. Been trying to drink a lot of water - the weather guy says indoor humidity is something like 1-3%. I'm also trying to use hand lotion frequently because my hands are very dry.

That's it for me. Back to work. Finished my input for our monthly report and a couple other things, and now it's back to the PITA project.

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