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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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S/C/G: 260/ticker/...-1 more pound

Height: 5'6"


onebyone - hope your MRI went well and that your stress is down.

CeeJay Technology hope you can figure out your new cell phone.

Moebug Yeah for eating sitting down!. Credit+++

bethFromDayton Great on waiting to eat, and taking the cookies so they aren't such a temptation.

LoseToAll Hurray, for down to Christmas weight Best of luck of exercising!

seadwaters Great credits! I have trouble with not tasting vegies as I cut them, but give yourself credit that it is healthy food! Hope you have fun at the restaurant.

BillBlueEyes Great job on the resistance muscle, that is one of my favorite analogies! Brrrr, 15 degrees! I so don't miss living in the cold zone! Sending warm thoughts your direction.

Originally Posted by BillBlueEyes View Post
AZtricia - It's great that you're off to a running start. Kudos for giving yourself credits for the steps you've taken. Would you care to share with us some of the Advantages you've written? Glad you've joined us.
My advantages:
I won't feel so self conscious.
My feet won't hurt and I will be less stiff.
I'll feel better physically.
I'll feel better emotionally.
I'll sleep better and have more energy.
I wont overheat as easily.
I'll look better
I'll be able to wear a smaller size.
I'll be in better health (was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and have already kicked that! )
I'll be able to exercise w/o discomfort.
I'll feel more in control
I'll be able and willing to do more activities with my family.
I'll feel less guilty about food.
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