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deelee I was exercising, running really calms me emotionally. I was doing 5-10 km per run. Average 6-8 during a run. It calms me enough that VIP would shoo me out the door to get me to run. I was doing that 3 times a week and would aim for 4 but would usually get 3. At this moment due to some complications I had to stop running and even walking for about 6-7 weeks so now I'm just walking. I use Leslie Sansome walk at home and do 3-5 miles per day 5-6 times a week. Your coverups, totally get it! Can you sew? Or do you know someone that could sew? They could make you a coverup. Are you just concerned about your legs? Just a large square from the fabric store might work too (I've done that when I was in a hurry then asked my mom to hem it to clean it up after the fact).

kkids Maybe your hubby could teach mine how to make lunch?? He's so lost, getting better with the help of a list on the fridge though ha! He has his redeeming qualities

joysh hows your reboot going?

Lizzy/annik/swimmingcoach I may try lamb again but I won't try it if I'm making it myself LOL Kinda scared now, ick. (sorry)

I need to tell you how I did these brussels sprouts, WOWZA! I cut them in half, boiled them for 3-4 minutes and then immediately cooled them off under the tap. THEN, I threw them in the frying pan with some green onions and bacon (not a lot just maybe a tbsp of shredded from the bag). When they were just slightly carmelized I removed them and sprinkled some parmesan on them (just enough for a taste). HOLY SMACKAROONS! Y-U-M!

Have a great day!

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