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Hey Pattience, welcome to the thread. When it's a large number like that it usually means hours fasted a day to the eating window. I'm on 16 hours a day i don't eat and 8 hours a day i eat my daily calories in (16:8).

I don't think there is really a fasting tip thread but feel free to discuss any questions here. The main two types of fasting are the eating window (usually 8 or less hours a day) where you eat your standard restricted calories in your period of hours and do this as many days a week as you want. Or there is the whole day fasting where on a fast day you eat 500 calories (i think people also do water fasting) but you would have to call out another member for there input on these as i'm not that read up on anything bar the eating windows.

TIP: It is okay to have something under 50 cals as this will keep you in a fasting state, only really applies to the eating window as you would usually use this so you could have a coffee in the morning to tide you over until your eating window starts.

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