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Originally Posted by NewKate2014 View Post
How's everyone doing today?
I'm also back to work today, and am glad for it. I am trying to drink more water and eat breakfast in the morning. It seems more luxurious to wake up early and eat a sit down breakfast than have to scarf things down during my lunch break while I'm working at the same time. However, today, I ended up having to pack my breakfast and bring it to work because the person I carpool with came early. However, after eating breakfast, I had a snack at lunch (nuts and yogurt) and am waiting to have a real dinner when I get home and not have to rush. I also drank water instead of my usual mid-day coffee.

Originally Posted by Quiet Ballerina View Post
Saw a slight rise yesterday, but it dipped back down today.
jayohwhy you're so much better than me! I'm terrible about doing other things while I eat. Reading, TV, surfing on my cell phone....I'm awful.
Maybe I should start small and aim for one meal per day with no distractions. Or maybe one full day per week.
congrats on being down! It's an adjustment for me to eat without distractions. I find myself having to adjust my meal times to times where I am less busy. However, since I'm working on having scheduled mealtimes instead of waiting until I'm ravenous and eating everything, it works out.


I'm scared that the scale is never going to show my progress. I'm trying to monitor myself really closely since I know that when I get lax on accountability that's when I just fall back into bad habits. I have rid my house of my "trigger foods" that I tend to mindlessly snack on and have only left high quality/ healthy choices for when I'm hungry. This morning the scale showed nothing, but I'm going to give myself a couple of weeks before I really expect to be down some weight.
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