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Originally Posted by deelee10 View Post
I'm with you on the wine, Julie. Last year when I was getting my elderly mom through breast cancer (she and DF also have Alzheimer's) I would get home and have to have a glass of wine -sometimes 2. That's behind me now but when I'm out with people and everyone is having a drink. it almost seems unfriendly to not have one. I have figure out that if I put sparkling water in a glass, like at a wedding, everyone thinks I'm having a cocktail.
With you on the damage wine can cause! It has always been a weakness esp when I'm with sisters and close family...Recently we lost my mom to alzheimers. Between the family pow-wows, the stress, travel and the holidays there was plenty of it around.
How does everyone/anyone keep it at bay? What are the pitfalls? Also I find my stomach is delicate now that I'm walking the tightrope trying to maintain. This holiday I found alcohol and too much food can actually make me feel kinda sick hoping that repercussion sticks! It might help!!
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