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Originally Posted by Julie68 View Post
Hi everyone,

I'm happy to see so many familiar faces and hope the support of this group will get me back at goal. A stressful year at work & surgery sent the IP protocol out the window

I think wine is also adding way to many calories. I need to reevaluate my day to day choices & break some bad habits.

Thanks for starting this thread!!
I'm with you on the wine, Julie. Last year when I was getting my elderly mom through breast cancer (she and DF also have Alzheimer's) I would get home and have to have a glass of wine -sometimes 2. That's behind me now(though it might be back in the other breast, sigh,) but when I'm out with people and everyone is having a drink. it almost seems unfriendly to not have one. I have figured out that if I put sparkling water in a glass, like at a wedding, everyone thinks I'm having a cocktail.

And when you're going through stressful times it's hard to do it without my favorite fat/carb by the bagful, like a crack addict, I eat it until it's gone. I consider wine my methadone because I can just have one or two and be fine. Currently I'm off the contraband but have had too many restricteds. Think I polished those off too. Someone on IP mentioned that they were drinking spicy tea in the evening. I've started doing that. Make a little ceremony of it - after a stressful day we need the feeling that we're doing something special for our selves. I have a mug that says, "High maintenance doesn't begin to describe it." I still got up and polished off some olives that were in the refrigerator though. Let me know if you find something that works.

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