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Originally Posted by vix View Post
Thanks for the congratz veggiedawg and shr1nk1ngme - I'll stick around this week yet, don't want to get carried away and have to come back with my tail (or should that be scale?) between my legs!

This JUDDD thing sounds interesting...But 160 calories in a day sounds super low, have you ever fainted or felt faint? I know I feel a little faint if I don't eat every four hours or so, I really don't think I could do that so well done to you for making it work for you!!
My blood sugar is very stable because I have been low carbing for so long. I never get blood sugar spikes or drops: one of the advantages of long-term low-carbing. So I don't get faint just from a one day fast; my fasting blood sugar is usually about 85. When I start to feel unbearably ravenous, that's when I eat my HB egg, nice and slowly, with my bran cracker and broth, and I am just fine. The lower you go on your DD's, the more you can eat on your UpDays and the faster you lose weight, as long as you eat all the way up to the UpDay calories and don't try to cut back on UpDays, it all averages out. However, most JUDDDers stick with 350 - 400 on their DD's, and lower their UpDays commensurately.

You can visit the official JUDDD web site and check out the "How to do the Diet" page. There is a calculator about halfway down that page which most people who do JUDDD use to calculate their calories. I have been doing it a long time now so I feel more comfortable tweaking it.

185/131/120 ~ 5'2"

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