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A new year and a new me!
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Okee .. so I have already discovered a bad habit has reared its ugly head .. my late night snacking .. and its only because the food is there that easy to nibble on .. so that is my project this week .. STOP THE SNACKING! Thanks everyone for their updates .. and I hope you are all keeping warm over there .. I feel a little guilty for mentioning that its cloudy lol .. Im still in cool clothes though .. so I will stop complaining about a rainy summer and instead just appreciate that its rain not ice or snow

Soooo .. here is this weeks (or days) question .. what "plans" are we on? Or are we playing it by ear? Is it all about the food .. or the activity .. or a combination of the two? What have you tried in the past that worked .. and if it worked .. why did you stop it? If it didn't .. why not?

For me Im K.I.S.S (Keeping It Simple Stupid lol) ... all about 1-ingredient foods where I can ... soooo lots of fresh fruit and veg and meat ... and if its a sweet or snack it needs to be either something I made or a natural product. I also only eat within an 8 hour window of the day. So I don't eat (when I stop this darn snacking!) from 8pm through to about midday. My day consists of one main meal (which is HEAPS of veg and about 200-250g chicken) and a couple of snacks (either a nut bar or some fruit), also 2-3 litres of water each day .. and when I am going to work I have a Grande Trim Latte Single Shot from Starbuck lol .. otherwise I just drink Green Tea.

I have tried most diets in the last 20 or so years ... at least those that are available in NZ lol .. and the biggest problem with me sticking to them was either the cost .. or the fact I had to change my life to fit the food .. it shouldn't be like that .. your food should be able to fit into your day otherwise you will feel like you are being pulled in all directions .... especially when work and family are usually the main reasons for the issues arising to fit it all in .. multi meals, times for eating, etc etc etc .. so I have designed my own .. and it is a plan .. I stick to between 1000-1550 calories a day (although I did often go under the 1000 for the Christmas one - but Im going slower this time .. I have a year to reach my goal so not gonna rush it now lol). As for exercise .. yeah .. well .. that is still a plan in processing lol ... but I did want to try to focus on that a little more this year

Oh and another thing about the food ... I am trying to cater to dairy free, gluten free and low sugar for meals and baking ... so that is a good challenge for me


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