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Thanks for the congratz veggiedawg and shr1nk1ngme - I'll stick around this week yet, don't want to get carried away and have to come back with my tail (or should that be scale?) between my legs!

This JUDDD thing sounds interesting...But 160 calories in a day sounds super low, have you ever fainted or felt faint? I know I feel a little faint if I don't eat every four hours or so, I really don't think I could do that so well done to you for making it work for you!!
Eating clean and training dirty!

11/15/13 - started phen caps
12/20/13 - down 10lbs
1/31/14 - down 20lbs
4/24/14 - down 30lbs
7/3/14 - made original goal of 135
9/19/14 - reached adjusted goal and began maintenance!!!

I MADE IT!!!! :

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