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Hello Ladies!
I'm glad there is some action on this thread!

I finally came back into town (Canada actually) yesterday late afternoon. I tried to get in before a huge snow storm was supposed to hit. Unfortunately, the roads were bad and were getting worse when I got closer and closer. I ended up having to shovel at least one foot of snow before I could get the car into the driveway and unpack. It was crazy!!!
It kept snowing all night and this morning the busses and schools were cancelled! Yay! The kids were still exhausted from our revolving door two-week holiday and they could use a day of sleeping in and getting settled!
Well.... they got it!

I still have to go out and shovel yet another foot of snow! I should do it soon as there seems to be a lull in the snow falling right now. Also, the temperature is supposed to plummet to record breaking frigid temp. I don't want to be out there then!!!

Okay, enough of the weather forecast. lol

@Angeee: Wow. Good for you! You've already lost one pound.... I do hope you lose more on your TO. I wish I were doing a TO right now but I don't have groceries in the house to do it.... and it doesn't look like I'll be going out in this storm either!
I, too, am envious of people who lose so much weight on a TO! I don't think I ever did.
I can't believe that you went out for a 3.5 hr hike! That's crazy. That's fantastic!
I hope you saw better results on your TO as a result of it!!!
I hope you've found your books!

Sadly, I have gained weight. Yup. I knew I did. I ended up not gaining too much but more than I had hoped!
I have to fix my ticker and let reality set in!

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