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Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
65X65 - Your messages make me smile and think and at this hour of the morning, that is a success.

My comment to this is that just as we are all different ages, heights, weights, personalities, genetic background, whatever, we all have unique emotional makeup.

For me, I weight every day, but take the results with a grain of salt knowing that many things affect the number, which is, after all, just a number. It keeps me on track and accountable but in no way does it throw me into a tizzy.

At the same time, I do make note of the fit of my clothes, my energy, and many other ways to validate my weight loss. This is a huge battle for me and I will use every weapon I can to succeed and keep my answering to what I know works for me, being 100%OP.
Thanx Schnectedy...My point was this message thread is about rebooting and working around problems. It was not about the scale debate.There are plenty of discussions on that already through out the forum...and we pretty much know and agree...that is individual. My point was to share and acknowledge I am not alone in needing to go slow with the "processed diet" part of lo carb eating. And I've learned how to do it with out the "silver packets" being the only way ...which BTW does make it oh so much easier. Not being able to use the processed stuff does not mean you can't reboot tho'. However; if you do change it up ...why would you want to wait a week to know you didn't tweak your daily intake enough/right for your metabolism...and at the end of a do you know where you went wrong?? Ignorance is bliss and let someone else tell you what to try next I guess...But there is no coach for what I am doing to maintain and fix what might go haywire. And I am not alone. This stuff I've had to deal with and reformatting my maintenance and management of "creep" over the last 4 months is probably of some value to someone else. My own threshold for the creep is impacted also knowing I can never go back on IP 100%. Ever again.

It doesn't mean we should throw out the baby with the bathwater!! There is a lot we should have learned by the end of the IP journey...even if the end gets bumpy!!!

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