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Post Welcome Aboard, Y'all!

Good day everyone!

all newbies to the 3FC site as well as to this 2014 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge. For those of you who are "brand new" and can not give or receive PMs (and therefore can't send me an email address to receive the spreadsheet) "No Problem!" I will outline each week's "challenges" and then you can follow along until you can receive the spreadsheet. I do not want anyone to lose out on the benefits of this structured program. "It will work if you work it!"

Week 1's Assignment:

Post your initial weigh in today and no later than tomorrow. I will relax this rule the first week ONLY. Post your measurements as well. If you don't feel comfortable sharing them in a group then at least keep them handy for yourself to review. We will be remeasuring again for Week 4 and then on the last day of the challenge.

Top O' List: Exercise Minutes Goal for January: 1000 minutes!

Every Week's Daily Challenges:
[Note: these will remain the same throughout the 8 weeks]

1) Drink 8-10 cups of H20 (64 -80 oz.)
2) Stay within a specific calorie range-follow a reputable proven food plan.
3) Measure ALL food and/or drinks w. calories-use measuring cups/ spoons.
4)Track your food min. of 3x per week. Can use any app or device or plain paper. You will also be writing down calories. There are many sites available that have free apps for this and will do the math for you.
5) Post to this thread ONCE A WEEK-MONDAYS FOR WEIGH IN-REQUIRED to be eligible for prizes awarded at end of challenge.
6) Take a good multi-vitamin and any other supplements you wish.
7) Cardio conditioning-your choice min 3x a week- max 5-6x a week.
8) Building muscles and getting strong!- alternate days and/or body parts. Do NOT exercise same muscle groups two consecutive days in a row!
9) Count those Steps-must wear a pedometer or other tracking app for this.

10) Weekly Challenges: these will change week to week.

Week #1 "weekly challenges" are:

1) create a "clean" kitchen. This means clearing out all of those foods which will not support your new lifestyle. This includes all "empty calories" (meaning nutrient poor-yes, chips and candy count!) and replacing them with whole foods (think of complete nutrition all wrapped up in an apple, banana, an egg, a slice of turkey, etc.)

2) track your exercises on an app or Fitness Tracker. There are plenty of free sites to choose from. If you don't know of any, ask a friend or here. We can lead you to find some good ones for you to use.

When you look at this initially, this seems like a lot of "work" BUT stick with it and you will see the kind of results that you have always wanted. It is all about creating good healthy habits that you will use for the rest of your life.

Be patient with yourself. No one expects you to be "perfect". These are guidelines for losing weight and getting fit. Think of when you were learning to ride a bike or drive a car. At first, it will seem mechanical but one day you will "just do it" without realizing that you have created a new (and hopefully lasting) habit.


P.S. I will compile a list of participants on Wednesday after the "dust has settled" so you will know who all has showed up for this challenge.

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