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Originally Posted by 65X65 View Post
Sunflower..I think you missed my main point. We each have to do what works. If things get out of hand for me due to some obstacles that need monitoring it could cost me surgery, and the inability to use the principles of how this diet works. Until now I have kept the profile of how I must proceed kind of low. However, I currently am sharing what I have learned because of my situation and have put it out there for those who may find they need to tweak this plan due to serious GI issues. I have PM messaged with at least 3 other dieters who have or flirted with similar challenges and could need to get off the diet because of these challenges. IP as it is written works for most worked for me too ... until it worked against me.

Now THAT's a head game. I wasn't quite done.
65X65 - Your messages make me smile and think and at this hour of the morning, that is a success.

My comment to this is that just as we are all different ages, heights, weights, personalities, genetic background, whatever, we all have unique emotional makeup.

For me, I weight every day, but take the results with a grain of salt knowing that many things affect the number, which is, after all, just a number. It keeps me on track and accountable but in no way does it throw me into a tizzy.

At the same time, I do make note of the fit of my clothes, my energy, and many other ways to validate my weight loss. This is a huge battle for me and I will use every weapon I can to succeed and keep my answering to what I know works for me, being 100%OP.

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