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Day 5: With Glucomannan

Weight loss: 3.4 lb

0 gone overnight again.

Calories: 1606 (that's probably why)
Well, I had half a packet of fresh pasta in the fridge which needed eating up, and with sauce that came to 727. I probably would have been okay if it hadn't been for the 2 packets of quavers I had later. I don't know why I had them. I didn't want them. But it makes up for the lo-cal day yesterday.

No growly tummy again

Exercise: 4.85 miles
Only did 1.8 miles walking the dog today. I had to take my little girl with me as my eldest had gone to a friend's house. She can't walk as far as I can so we do a shorter walk. But I did my C25K. Pedometer says 11,428 steps, which is good.

I would say that so far, the GM is doing what it says. I'm not really hungry most of the day, although I am ready for my dinner when it comes. I need to get out of the evening snacking habit. And it really is a habit. I don't feel hungry, and I know I don't need it. Today was the first day back to normal routine - early start as the kids were back at school - well one of them anyway. I have been taking the Xmas decorations down all morning and when it came to lunchtime I hardly noticed. Normally I get hungry niggles starting about 10.30 - but today I was fine. So I do think it is working. Just need to get those numbers moving down.

Side-effects: When I was making dinner last night, I got a niggly pain around my waistline, round the front and the sides. it wasn't very bad, just enough to make me go, "Ooh, that hurts." When I was reading the studies, it did say that some people had intermittent gastric pain, but that it settled after a few days. So I'll keep an eye on it.
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