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I was unable to use "restricteds" because they all contain gluten so it's a given my sorting was easier.

Also used the larger 2 gallon plastic zip bags and put anything I'd mix with coffee in one ... (and tucked in in cabinet near the coffee makers)but I also used rubber bands to sort by flavor within a bag. Puddings the same way. Stashed those in the pantry on a shelf with some non-IP RTDs.

(Hated the soups after the first 10 days...they all had too much sodium for my body and blew me up like a Macy's balloon in the Thanksgiving parade...) Instead, made my own chicken stock and froze it in indiv portions. Defrost in microwave at home (or on it's own in the lunch bag if you work) and add sliced mushrooms, chopped celery and beaten egg white (like egg drop soup) to those and stir during the reheat until veggies are cooked and then add the egg and do the same only more gently stirring several times.. Also can add leftover cooked vegetables from the day before and put in the blender...then reheat. {Note...not a substitute for protein with out egg white}. There is no reason not to make a whole pot of this either and serve to your family actually. My husband was OK with this. If I had leftover soup with the egg white beaten it reheated fine the next day..key...NOT the highest setting and stir-stir-stir!! You may be OK with the veggies frozen in the broth...I prefer the texture when they have only simmered a short time. {Note 3 egg whites = between 15-18 g protein...which makes this IP compliant. (Cheaper too...) Another member blogged about adding a scoop of one of the plain powdered proteins to her soups made similarly...but I never bothered. Expense and another problem storing a single product when I was happy enough with my egg drop soup! You definitely need a salad and your veggies with this meal as well....I considered this a 100% compliant meal...and it broke the monotony because I used the herbs and spices my tastes enjoy...which is minimal. Actually, I like the taste of real food...(and a gourmet cooking instructor told me a long time ago..."less is more...REALLY GOOD food stands on it's only enhance good food. You do not create it.) A tsp of soysauce /cup might suit some other tastes better, and bring it closer to an Asian restaurant taste and color!!

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