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It makes no sense to eat waffles or pancakes instead of bread for the sake of low carbs because waffles and pancakes are made from flour as is bread. However i agree with the poster suggesting these as alternatives because i also don't think there's anything wrong with having toast for breakfast as i don't think there is anything wrong with carbs when they are nutritious as is the case with wholegrain bread of breads made with strong flours. Its only ordinary crappy white sliced bread that's rubbish and you can tell because when you eat it you feel like you are eating fairy floss.

Good nutritious bread is satisfying and makes you feel like you have a useful meal.

That's said, I also agree with the person who said to give up the idea of breakfast foods. Its a useful way to think if you can get over your habit of what you have for breakfast. Certainly i like my cereals and toasts, oats and stuff. But in foreign countries i eat what they eat and sometimes that's a chick pea curry.

Anyway what you want is ideas for brekkie. How about grilled tomatoes with ryvita style crackers. Or cottage cheese on same.

I sometimes make a lovely lunch called smashed avocados which i got from a cafe in central australia.

two pieces of toast. On top of that half a smashed avocado, on top of that a hand ful of salad made of finely chopped tomato iwht a smidgeon of fresh onion, and a finer sprinkling of crumbled fetta cheese. black pepper. Salt. Totally delicious. On toast or on a dry cracker thing.

Of course avocado is very high in fat but its good fat and if you are generally overall burning more calls than you are eating through the day you will still lose weight.

Ultimately its all about that equation. Only generally i find that for dieting i prefer high bulk low calorie foods. A big fruit fresh fruit salad would do it. as would a bowl of porridge oats with milk and only a little sugar or honey on top to make it palatable.

Or you could have leftover roast veggies from night before stir fried with some peas through it.

If you don't have toast you should have a protein food because you generally need a bit of something substantial to get you through to the next meal. A big bowl of fruits salad would do it but not a small bowl, i think.

I don't think a fruit smoothie would do it. i prefer solids. There's plenty of carbs in a smoothie too so there's no point substituting bread for smoothie on the basis of carbs. Also there is no benefit in gluten free unless you are a coeliac. Gluten free is not a superior form of food by nature. I mean there is nothing actually wrong with gluten. Except if you have coeliac disease.

I hope something here may be useful.
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