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Well, my school district has cancelled for Monday AND Tuesday. They don' t have buses and the frigid cold for folks not used to it is too much, I guess.

Being originally from Michigan, I wonder what all the fuss is about. Yup. It snowed (no ice here). Yup. It is cold. For many of the children who attend in the district where I'm housed, school is often the place they get the best meal(s) of the day, so it makes me sad they can't come to school.

I've been cooking today. P1 restart got derailed until today due to how sick I was yesterday. DH went veggie shopping but I just couldn't drag myself to the kitchen to chop any of them. I lived on liquids, chicken bone broth and homemade yogurt <700 calories total.

So, today I made chicken soup. I was going to make chili, too but I'll save it for tomorrow since I'm off the next 2 days.

Even tho I didn't start P1 again until today, I can feel the puffiness has reduced greatly (and my rings are sliding around again). By the time I actually get out for an "official" weigh-in, my weight should be back down to a number more representative of the truth. When I returned from our trip, I was tired, sick, and achey all over. Inflammation = water weight. Not a good time to weigh.

Originally Posted by PurpleMomster View Post
Stay safe, stay warm and stay inside - I heard it was quite nasty out your way for a lot of people! A friend is trying to get back home to Long Island after being in California for Christmas - her flight has been delayed twice and they were supposed to be in today, hopefully they'll make it home. Of course I did say there are worse things then being stuck in LA...
I know it SOUNDS like it but having just left the area, I know EVERYTHING is more expensive right now due to the bowl games. I almost got stuck there & decided to chance it & fly to Denver Friday nite. At least in Denver I have a friend we could have stayed with (altho Friday they were saying they wouldn't be able to get us a flight until Monday and that was BEFORE this storm). My nephew stayed out west. His red-eye to MI is cancelled tonite and they're telling him WEDNESDAY before a possibility of a flight. All well except he's in grad school and this is the first week of the semester.
But...oh how I wish I was still in LA right now
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