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Originally Posted by joysh View Post
Hi 65X65! Yes, I agree. I have a good friend who is a professional dancer and choreographer. I often watch how she eats, although she's currently on a gluten-free, additive-free diet, so that would count as a "picky" eater. But even eating normally, I've watched her for many years. She eats little amounts and moves a LOT! But she allows herself a cookie from time to time - and can eat only one or two cookies and then put the package away. I was never able to do that in the past.

Now I eat two cookies and throw the rest in the garbage - quickly! Ah, well. Still can't keep open cookies in my house, so I don't.

Thanks, kcdoe! I'm looking forward to this reboot. I will start tomorrow. Thought it might be today, but I only have 2 packets of breakfast in my cupboard and I'm not sure I'll get to the clinic tomorrow. I know I'll get there on Tuesday, so it's tomorrow (Monday) for me! That means I'll go through the initial week of adjustment when I'm back in school, but not yet teaching. I think that will be just fine.

Happy day to you all!
Happy New Year Joy! Hope to see you around for your support and experience. You were just hitting your goal about the time I was recognizing .."this IS REALLY GOING TO WORK"..for me last spring. You look amazing and were a real inspiration to me!

I hear the reboot is for the most part a good idea for almost everyone and January is the best time to do it. My "glycogen stores replenishing" and the holidays pretty much hit my metabolism at the same I am being "careful"....not sure if it is too soon to get back "ON". But I'dreally like to try and lose the last few lbs before spring I was not able to shed with my initial run. I had some health problems last fall which involved major GI issues and testing that was never ending...along with a surgeon waiting in the wings for almost 2 I am going slow as I do not want that problem to reappear. The surgeon felt the processed nature of the diet caught up to me due to a congenital problem I was not aware of...(Originally I scoffed at that...but I must admit I feel better these days sticking mostly to real food.) I have to monitor calories and nutritional content closely to mirror P1-2 when I want to back up for a few days. So far it works and I can get rid of water and a creep of a pound or so pretty fast. So my reboot is egg whites for breakfast and a few oz of tuna or chicken at lunch, instead of a shake or an IP pudding! I have to limit my use of IP products to no more that 3 packets every 2 days to keep the wolves at bay.

The scale is my friend...and I also have to weigh every day to make this adaption work as well as the core 100% IP version ...which trust me easier!

Although not quite as easy..this method is totally do-able since I was 100% compliant! I am.... PROUD2BPicky .... these days!
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