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Originally Posted by 65X65 View Post
On of the things I advocate is stitting back and quietly paying attention to the "Picky People" and what they eat when you are around them. ..."My New Year's Resolution...
Hi 65X65! Yes, I agree. I have a good friend who is a professional dancer and choreographer. I often watch how she eats, although she's currently on a gluten-free, additive-free diet, so that would count as a "picky" eater. But even eating normally, I've watched her for many years. She eats little amounts and moves a LOT! But she allows herself a cookie from time to time - and can eat only one or two cookies and then put the package away. I was never able to do that in the past.

Now I eat two cookies and throw the rest in the garbage - quickly! Ah, well. Still can't keep open cookies in my house, so I don't.

Originally Posted by kcdoe View Post
Joysh:awesome maintenance !!! I just checked out your pics wow you look incredible! Love the discipline !!!
Thanks, kcdoe! I'm looking forward to this reboot. I will start tomorrow. Thought it might be today, but I only have 2 packets of breakfast in my cupboard and I'm not sure I'll get to the clinic tomorrow. I know I'll get there on Tuesday, so it's tomorrow (Monday) for me! That means I'll go through the initial week of adjustment when I'm back in school, but not yet teaching. I think that will be just fine.

Happy day to you all!
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