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I'm with those on the smoothies as long there's no form of any caloric sugar (honey, raw sugar, etc) added- I add more fruit in instead like natural applesauce with no sugar added. I would strongly suggest you to freeze your fruits and veggies to eliminate the need for ice although I do sometimes need to add water if it is too thick. If you plan to do green smoothies, don't forget the banana- it's the key to covering up the green taste. My easy fave is frozen berries, one frozen banana, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, handfuls of spinach along with up to 1 cup water (for thinning out to your preferred consistency.) Up to 1/2 cup applesauce if it isn't sweet enough, I notice it is usually when I use frozen spinach instead of fresh since they have sodium added to them.

I stopped associating foods with breakfast, lunch and dinner and just eat whatever sounds good to me at the time (OP of course.)

One of my fave food to eat anytime- pumpkin or banana oatmeal pancakes. You can omit the egg, perhaps add a bit of milk or something, enough to be able to pour the batter on a hot and greased skillet/pan. There are tons of recipes online if you type in something like "pumpkin oatmeal pancakes no egg." It is not exactly the same as regular pancakes but it's close enough for me and I get my fruit and/or veggie fix!
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