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Post 24 Hours to Lift Off!

Tomorrow starts the "Moving Forward" Structured 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge!"

Please post your initial weekly weigh in tomorrow as well as your measurements:

Use this format- (here is mine for an example to follow)

Current Weight(CW): 245.2 lbs.

Measurements needed:
Height –5" 6.5" (medium frame)
Upper Arm (at the largest part) – 15"
Bust – 51"
Waist (at your belly button) – 47"
Hips (at the widest part) – 51"
Upper Thigh – (at the largest part) - 27"
Calf - 16" (thickest part)

For those of you who have shown an interest in this and requested a spreadsheet to follow this weight loss program, turn to Week 1. You can record your efforts daily. I would not wait longer than 2 days to fill it in because memory is one of those things that plays tricks on us. We "think" we may have done something but then again we "may not have" either.

For those of you who have shown an interest but for one reason or another do not have a spreadsheet, still check in on Monday. I will summarize what you will be keeping track of each day and for the week. The advantage of having the spreadsheet is that you can just check it off once completed. Also, it does all the math for you.

At the end of each week, preferably on Sunday, you will report your efforts for the previous week. You can also choose to report them along with your weekly weigh in on Mondays. In the interest of keeping the bookkeeping going, please do not wait any later than Tuesday at NOON. I like to report each previous week's numbers by Wednesday. This way you see how you are doing in relation to your fellow "chickie".

The "tradition" with this structured 8 week weight loss challenge is that there are prizes awarded for the three categories. I am going to continue that but in order to qualify you must report your weekly results every week.

3 separate prizes will be awarded (a gift card from Subway that I will provide) for:

1) most points ( you will see that as you work the worksheet)
2) most steps (you will need to begin wearing a pedometer every day)
3) most weight loss.

In the last bullet if there is a tie than the deciding "winner" will be the person who has lost more body fat percentage. For example, two people both loss 10 lbs but one has 10% body fat loss and the other has 9.5% body fat loss, then the first one wins.

So, welcome again and I look forward to working this program with y'all!


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