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Originally Posted by 65X65 View Post
Well..we are stuck...still. The ice is BAD..neighbor has his car flop diddly in the middle of the street in front of our house. He has a flatter driveway and guess thought he could get out!
We have the hill from #@4!!#%... as a driveway...and can't even walk up it to check for the papers! DH had to slog through the snow in the front yard to get to the mailbox...twice...and of course there are no papers yet... could read on line, but 2 Sunday papers and a pot (or two) of coffee in our slippers / wool socks and stay at home clothes ... is religion in this house....

Happy day to all!
Stay safe, stay warm and stay inside - I heard it was quite nasty out your way for a lot of people! A friend is trying to get back home to Long Island after being in California for Christmas - her flight has been delayed twice and they were supposed to be in today, hopefully they'll make it home. Of course I did say there are worse things then being stuck in LA...

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