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S/C/G: Going from chubby to not


Originally Posted by ladynredd View Post
I'm back too. I was not home for several days as I was staying with my son and DIL helping with the new Little Prince. I must say he is the cutest baby born anywhere, at any time -- not that I'm biased or anything.

It's interesting staying at someone else's house and having free access to snoop through their refrigerator and pantry. It's obvious they are not in the habit of cooking -- they have very few of what I consider the basics -- no eggs, no vegetables, etc. It's good to be home where I have control!
on your new Grandson!

I think that having all the basics in the house such as fresh veggies, and fresh fruits, fat free cheeses, all kinds of power foods is the secret to success. But it is a lot of planning and preparation too. I am trying to make all my meal plans for the week, and then go to the grocery store to stock up. I used to be like your son, cause when you work, and then come home, you are exhausted, and then you forgot to plan, and have nothing put processed foods to eat. Even a WW frozen meal is not that healthy to eat, but I guess its good to have a few on hand for emergencies.
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