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Default Picky People

Originally Posted by Tcompton View Post
Its good to read that others struggle at times too! My hardest time is just before that time of the month! I could eat cardboard I'm sure! Lol! But, I keep telling myself that once I'm maintaining, I have to learn self control and if I'm practicing it now, it will be easier then! Easier said than done sometimes!! But, this time I'm trying to focus on the maintenance and not get lazy like I did last time. Its a mental game for me sometimes. But, I watch my friends that are slim and haven't had weight issues and they watch everything they eat most of them time. I want to do the same and this program is so good at teaching me to eat well most of the time, not to say that I don't look forward to those 'cheat' days! Lol! We can do it! Its worth it!
On of the things I advocate is stitting back and quietly paying attention to the "Picky People" and what they eat when you are around them. You want to be known as "Picky"...not the "one on a diet"! And yes...the slim ones are really far and few between that are not making effort daily to make consciously good choices in what goes in their mouths...and how much.
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