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Thumbs up cabinets are a go!

Hello and Good Morning

I finished my cabinets last night *credit* and just moved boxes out of the way so I could place the two cabinets in place, side by side. Now, for some unknown reason, the cabinets are not exactly the same height but there are adjustments I can make to get them that way.

O Ikea, this is why I suffer for you.

I alos *credit* cleared off the futon in the back room collapsing two boxes and sorting through 3 bags, most of which ended up in the trash. I did move a few things into a newly created/located pile, but the main goal here was to clear the futon so DH can move the bookcase from the kitchen, where it sits cutting off all the flow in that room, into the closet in the backroom. I did my bit. *credit* DH now needs to take it from here.

The rest of today's work goes as follows:
2) sort each box into giveaway and keep done
3) place books onto shelving unit by chaise done
4) break down these boxes for recycling

5) open 2 more boxes with unknown contents done &this is as far as I got today.*credit*
6) sort these boxes into giveaway, trash and keep
7) distribute or re-box.

NOTE: EVEN IF I RE-BOX IT IS *NOT* a failure as I have decreased my overall clutter by one box. THIS IS Progress NOT Perfection and slowly it will get done.

If I want to continue, I can work on the clothes pile in the bedroom which is totally out of control now. Again
1) sort into keep clean, keep wash, giveaway and throw away(don't think I have any of that in there but you never know)
2)put away clothes and whatever else I find
Going to 150 5lbs at a time

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