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More food, less me!
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Hi all!

Couple things. I've done a 3day reboot, and truthfully, Om not sure I'd go over seven. Not because of I'll side effects or anything, really, but the human body IS made to eat food. Chew it, swallow it, and digest it. Coming OUT of my fast was pretty ok, seeing as how my taste/smell was hyper sensitive, it literally made me remove yucky processed things from my eating habits because they were no longer appealing! Though, please be aware that your belly does kindof feel shocked by normal foods when you re-incorporate them! I lost a total of 12, yes 12 pounds in three days! Now, five of that did return as solids in the digestive tract, but the other seven maintained easily! I made mostly my own spin on "mean green" and had pretty good results, but I truly think this is better as a little reboot, and staying diligent on changing bad eating habits, along with exercise implementation is the absolute best bet!!

Just in my personal experience/opinion!
Best of luck with all you who wish to try it!
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