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Originally Posted by swimcoachmomma View Post

Starting to again look at my relationship with sugar. It is toxic to me. I know this. By day 3 on IP I have resolution of fibromyalgia pain. I know this also. I know that eating carbs hurts. It is the stupid addiction that tells my brain that this time it will be different. A little bite won't hurt. Arrrggghhh!!! Carbs for me is an addiction and this needs to be treated(for me) like any other addiction. First detox. (Ugh). Then working through it day by day with good support, meditation, and prayer. I thank you all for being here for me.
This is exactly how I am. I believe these same behaviors are why I have such a hard time sticking with the plan long term. I get off to a really good start and then the sugar demon takes over and I go off plan for some some carbs. I really do believe it is a serious addiction. It looks like you have a good plan in place with the support, meditation, and prayer. I am really going to work on those things and not just focus on the weight loss. I feel that when one has a sugar addiction that healing the inner person is necessary.

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