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Not letting the fact that did a favor for my x-husband, his unthankful and demanding nature, ruin my entire day and make me turn to food after a week of doing what I should. I took the kids and dropped them off at his house last Saturday for their visit. His car was broken down. It was a one time thing, the only he arranged or asked for.

This morning pick up time came and went, he called demanding to know where the kids were, told him they were here waiting for him. He said I knew his car wasn't running, and I knew that I needed to bring them to him. I told him NO I didn't know his car was still not running as he hadn't contacted me since, or asked me to bring the kids to his apartment again this Saturday.

Gee it sounded like when we were married. I'm just suppossed to know he needs things and provide it or do him favors and forget the way he behaves and demands. This would have driven me to food in the past, probably would have last week as well. Not today, I wasn't going to give him that victory.
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