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Originally Posted by veggiedawg View Post
...Seeing that you are in California, when you plant something such as a tomato plant--does it just keep on producing through out the year(s)? How often are you actually putting seed in the ground? Curious.
I plant my tomatoes in mid-spring when it is consistently warm. Tomatoes like to produce in the hottest summer heat so I get a huge crop in late July/August/September and then they taper off. Determinate varieties die after their first fruiting, indeterminate varieties will continue to grow and fruit as the season progresses but the fruit is lesser as it gets cooler. I pull out all of my tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, etc. in October and start prepping for the "winter" planting. In winter I plant chard, kale, peas, beets, and lettuce (among others).

So I plant all spring long depending on the plant (some like to start after the last frost, others do better when it gets a little warmer) and then I plant again in Oct/Nov/Dec.

Some plants I grow from seed and for others I buy plants from the nursery because I am lazy. lol

Originally Posted by veggiedawg View Post
Ok, I must ask-what is JUDDD?
In addition to being a low-carb vegetarian, I am on a plan called JUDDD. "Johnson Up Day, Down Day Diet". You can Google it but I'm not sure I'm allowed to post the link here.

JUDDD is basically calorie cycling/intermittent fasting. You eat extremely low calories one day: it's a near-fast. Then the next day you eat a bazillion calories. For example, if my consumption is 400 on down days and 2000 on up days, it will average out to 1200 calories a day, but the cycling of fasting/feasting keeps the body from adjusting to a dietary set point.

Also I don't have to go on and on feeling deprived. If I have a difficult DownDay, I just remind myself that I can eat tons of food tomorrow. UpDay is coming! It works extremely well for me. When I eat 1200 calories a day I am just hungry all the time. On JUDDD I am only hungry every other day, even though the average is the same. Plus, I find that fasting has other benefits.

IMO JUDDD is best for low-carb because eating 2000+ calories on an UpDay, if carbs are involved, would put a huge stress on your insulin response. However, according to the author, the plan is designed to be useful for almost any diet/way of eating.

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