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Originally Posted by Ishbel View Post
Happy New Year everyone!

Lizzy I tried lamb once and did NOT like it, have you eaten it a lot throughout your life? I didn't grow up on mom said that's probably why

Ishbel...and my mom says that if the wool touches the flesh while the animal is being processed, a really bad taste goes through the whole meat. She says when we were kids, she had to get rid of a whole lamb that had been cut and wrapped because of the faulty processing. I don't remember that for a bad experience might have very well permanently put me off lamb (as one did off rabbit.)

I didn't eat a lot of lamb while growing up but I really do like it now.

Mom also says that meat from young animals -- like lamb and veal -- is healthier to eat than meat from adult animals... Fewer opportunities for the 'producer' to adulterate with antibiotics, chemicals, etc

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