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User Name pearlygirly-Sue
Current weight/goal:155...goal weight 130 possibly 125, will know as I get closer
Location: CA coastal region between LA & San Francisco
Marital Status:Single
Pets:I co-habitate with a dog but I lay no claim to him.
Work:Part-time food & alcohol demonstrator.
Hobbies:Reading, Cooking, Day trips.
Reasons for losing weight To look better & hopefully get rid of some of my joint pain.
Favorite Exercise:Walking
Weight loss challenges:Currently not being able to walk/exercise as afterward there is hip/knee pain & doctor has said to rest. Water, I just don't crave as much fluid, especially cold fluids this time of year. Also, like a lot of people while I don't dislike veggies I don't naturally gravitate towards them so I have to really be concious of eating all mine.

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