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S/C/G: maintaining


User name/name: WaistingTime - Karen
Current weight/goal: I'm maintaining. It takes a conscious effort every day.
Age: 50
Location: Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, MO
Marital Status: Married 26 years, hubby doesn't work outside the house.
Kids: 2 boys in their early 20s. One lives/works in eastern PA and the other is a junior at USC.
Work: Part-time retail at a women's activewear store
Hobbies: Reading, hiking, and hopefully I can add travel to the list.
Favorite Exercise: I recently discovered hiking. Twice a week I do strength training with my mom and a trainer.
Weight loss challenges: I am a classic yo-yo dieter; it has taken me many years to realize that I just can't eat what I used to eat. I think my biggest challenge is any special event eating, including restaurants and holidays, etc. I'm also a big snacker. My other challenge is balancing my SBD lifestyle with my husband's vegetarian (and often very unhealthy food) lifestyle.
What I've learned about SBD: After several years and having reached goal multiple times then regained (some or all), I have finally learned/accepted that, for me, PH3 means living PH2 most of the time with exceptions only for special events. I still need to make a conscious effort to eat vegetables. And I have what seems to be an ever growing list of potential binge/trigger foods that I have to watch; I'm not very good at "moderation."

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