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Originally Posted by KareVT View Post
Are any of you addicted to stevia or any of the sugar substitutes like myself? I really need to be more proactive in kicking my habit of adding a pack every time I drink something hot (coffee or tea). I've read that I should not have more than 2 pkts of Stevia a day, or else it turns to sugar in the system. Can anyone confirm? I need to start weening myself off of it altogether but not sure if that's going to happen. But, it's either kick the stevia or, be okay with a slower weight loss, right?
I knew IP was pretty high in sweet tasting stuff so from the get-go I decided to limit "sweet"
There is lots of research on this topic of whether artificial sweeteners turn to sugar in the system (or cause an insulin surge). And it appears you can find on the Internet support for either side if you so choose.

I just knew for me that a healthy diet does not include eating desserts and sweets all the time so I wanted to limit them on the plan as well. This got more difficult when I cut soy and gluten. But not impossible. I make the potato purée zucchini muffins frequently and also mashed cauliflower with the potato purée.

Personally, I am much more concerned about Splenda/sucralose and aspartame than I am about Stevia. In my personal experience when I have something sweet it makes me want more sweet.
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