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Originally Posted by Lexxiss View Post
I always have a thrift box so I can easily place items that don't serve me anymore.
We always have a charity shop bag to put unwanted items in. It makes things very efficient, I've found. When it's full, I put it in the car and take it to a charity shop when I'm passing.

Happy New Year, All!

I've been whirling around this morning, tidying things away, putting in the charity bag and so on. The DB has also worked on this, as well as his English homework. The SO is also on board.

My main aim is to paint the kitchen wall. This was replastered in late October and the kitchen hasn't been put back together since. It can take until the vernal equinox (although sooner would be better) as long as it gets done.

After this, I'll do the sitting room. It's the same story.

onebyone, I love the chaise longue too.

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